The Intricacies — #3

One hundred pages

I’ve finally reached one hundred pages by completing the formula-section and starting work on the appendix. Now I need to think about what to do next; I do not think that continuing studying offering formulas would be helpful as I’ve already covered quite a substantial amount of them. I may add a few more exercises regarding offering formulas but I’m not quite sure yet. I could potentially start covering a few more advanced texts (such as the Westcar Papyrus; something I’ve been working on in my free-time as well) or other, smaller works and texts. I will probably not do any more work on the book today and rather think about a good way of continuing the book; I may even decide that I will end the book now. I hope that I can decide by tomorrow and continue work on the book while I still have time to (the weekend’s about to end!)

Website changes

Because I did not yet have any public “advertisement” for my book, I decided to add a little information page on my website that can now be found here:

EPUB nightmares

I mentioned previously (and on the information page) that I will not make the book available in PDF or EPUB format; rather, I will only be sharing the original ODT file that people can turn into any format they would like to. However, I have tried out turning my book into an EPUB using LibreOffice and the results were … suboptimal. See for yourself.

Strange formatting, all hieroglyphics appearing twice – I’m not quite sure how this happened. Not only that, but creating the EPUB took a very long time. I waited around five minutes and it still hadn’t finished by then so I decided to watch an episode of a TV show; when that was finished, the EPUB had also finished. I therefore don’t know exactly how long it took to create the file, but it was a good while. I will try re-exporting it and if that still does not fix the issues I will have to look for other ways of turning the ODT into an EPUB and share this method alongside the ODT file.
Creating PDF-files works fine without any problems whatsoever, so perhaps it would be possible to turn the PDF into an EPUB using Calibre; but I have not yet tried that out.

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