The Intricacies — Update #1

What’s going on?

I have been working on my book “The Intricacies of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics” in some form or another for nearly a year now and I have not yet surpassed one hundred pages (even though I am about to). The reason behind this is that, soon after starting work on the book, I found a new job which unfortunately does not have a very good work–life balance. In addition, I have been going to driving school which further limits my time. Because of all of this, work on the book has pretty much halted for nearly four months and I have also been unable to further improve my knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian language. However, I would like to have finished my book by the end of the year — which, I believe, should be doable. After finishing the book, I will most likely have to continue proof-reading it for a few more weeks until I can finally get it printed and, eventually, published.

For getting my book printed and published, I found a German self-publishing service (epubli) that offers reasonable prices for authors; this is mainly because they offer print-on-demand, meaning I will not have to pre-order hundreds or thousands of copies and can instead get a single book printed for roughly €10 (this is the highest price, it changes depending on how many pages I will have and whether I want colour or black and white). The downside to this is that the profit-margin will be lower if I do intend on publishing my book in the future, but that’s not too big of a deal for me at present.

At the moment, I’m still not doing an actual editing in LibreOffice (besides proof-reading from time to time) and I’m instead focussing on brain-storming and writing notes into my notebook; my main focus at present is at continuing work on the formula-section of the book which I would like to have finished by Sunday (I have been off work since Wednesday and it’s Friday today. I therefore believe finishing the section within two days is doable). I have also been thinking about taking my laptop or notebook to work and to work on my book during lunch break.
I also seem to be having slight problems with JSesh, as it crashes on my PC when I try opening a saved file (this fortunately doesn’t happen on my laptop).

A picture of my pen and notebook

I needed to slowly get used to writing again, however, and to do so I thought I could start a blog on my website detailing, amongst other things, my progress on the book. This way, I can see how much work I have actually done and whether I am sticking to my schedule. This also allows me to share the information I have discovered while doing research for my book on the internet or at the library and share it with you and myself for later reference.
In addition, I’ve started working on designing the book cover and found a great service from Adobe called Spark. It allows you to pick from a variety of pre-made designs which allowed me to quickly create a nice-looking book-cover.

Current version of my book’s cover

This version will probably not be the final version of the cover, but I don’t think that I’ll be changing much.

The book’s length and structure

The book’s structure is something I’m still very unsure of at present. I know that I will continue working on discussing more of the offering formulae, but there’s not much that I have planned afterwards. The following things, however, are already certain: I will definitely continue working on the exursus on Egyptian star calendars, I will be adding a short overview of the grammar into the appendix and I’ll be adding some information regarding resources for further study of the language. I will also try adding more exercises.

I am striving for around 150 pages.

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